We discuss your goal(s) during an intake. Afterwards we meet periodically 1 on 1. I coach on career, balance, energy, vitality, lifestyle,  life coaching and personal development.
Coaching can take place at the office, at home, via Skype / FaceTime or while walking in one of the many parks in Amsterdam. Usually 5 to 10 meetings/calls are sufficient.

What does coaching offer you?
Rest, balance, energy, direction and self-confidence. Every time small steps towards your goal(s). I offer support in taking the actual actions that are needed to achieve the goals.

Rates for coaching
A conversation usually lasts an hour and includes preparation, travelling and reporting. A total of 1.5 hours will then be charged. The rate for individual coaching is EUR 121 per hour. You will receive the invoice by e-mail afterwards. For a business program, if your employer reimburses the costs or if it is paid from your training budget, an adjusted rate applies. An adjusted rate also applies if you want to make use of the complete coaching and running therapy program.

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