Services Up & Running Coach

I offer individual coaching and running therapy, both separately and in combination. Running therapy is offered in small groups or individually. The coaching is in principle individual. If you want to make use of both services, then it looks as follows, running together supervised once a week and, on average, an individual coaching session once every two weeks.

Running therapy brings body and mind into balance. It gives you motivation, inspiration and strength, so that the pleasure in your life increases. By moving you not only strengthen your cardiovascular system and therefore your health. By moving you mainly bring your thoughts to rest. This means that you feel freer, more cheerful and more confident. Running is built up to a level that allows a relaxed endurance run of half an hour (or more). The way to it is not always fun or easy, but when the goal is achieved it gives much satisfaction.

Coaching makes sense if you bump into something or are 'bothered' by something and that I, as an independent person, listen to you and ask you questions without judgment, and together with you investigate the next step or action. I am convinced that you know the answers yourself. Coaching is very concrete action and result-oriented, you move small steps forward each time.