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'I am very satisfied with the coaching sessions with Up & Running Coach. Jessie is very involved in the entire process. She knows clearly how to create confidence and help me find my answers. She helped me to give direction and she acts as a sparring partner without prejudice. You are professional and confidential. Warm and interested. The process has been a customized process in the sense that we moved to Singapore soon after the first session. It is striking to me that despite the limitation, we are not physically sitting together in one room, we have succeeded very well in achieving my goals and helping to steer this.'
W. BoerrigterDirector VVE Central / Blue Orange Participations

'Jessie is very involved and she really shows interest. The trust has been there from the beginning, since I got to know Jessie as someone who is sincere and offers a listening ear. You are very accessible and open in your communication. I think you give people a safe feeling to be open. In my case this is like talking to a good friend/sister. One that listens without judgment, asks critical questions and lets you come to a conclusion yourself. My main goal was to find a job and I achieved that. I also had the goal to better separate my private and work life. And also there, I have made great stepss forward. "Fatima, 42 years, Deutsche Bank

As a mother and as a freelancer who can work anywhere, anytime, I noticed that I wanted a lot, but I felt that too little came out of my hands. That caused me some frustration. Jessie helped me get my work-life balance in place. The coaching sessions often took place outside, while walking in the Amstelpark. So I immediately got a fresh nose, very nice! Jessie let me look at what I did, set me up with fun exercises (which we did in the park, luckily almost no homework) about where I wanted to go and helped me to look more realistically at my available time and what I can achieve in it. This makes me feel much better. I found the conversations with Jessie very pleasant. Jessie is practical, professional and makes you think in a good way. In addition, it is also a very nice and empathetic person!
Marjolein de Bruijn, Echte

Running therapy

I wanted to improve my condition and I love being outside, but not running. At least I thought that when I asked Jessie if she could get me running. We have built it up so quietly that I actually had no excuse not to do it. Because what is twenty minutes in a day, of which 4x2 minutes of running? We naturally expanded this later. In addition, Jessie keeps a close eye on how you are doing, how you walk and how entertaining company is. After the effort, my head feels wonderfully clear and empty. Jessie has done it! I certainly keep running regularly, now with reasonable ease for half an hour in a row.
Marjolein de Bruijn, Echte