Running therapy

We run together 1 to 2 times a week at a leisurely pace, so that you can keep talking while running. The training can take up to an hour. The running therapy takes place in the morning or at the latest during the lunch break, because it has been proven that afterwards your productivity is 40-60% higher. Upon request another time can be agreed upon. In addition, I can offer you a schedule that you can follow to exercise 1 or 2 more times yourself. I offer running therapy in a 10-week program, since new routines take at least 60 days to integrate. Clients say I'm there to get exercise into your routine.

Rates for individual running therapy programs
The rate for a 10-week individual running therapy program is EUR 65 per session of maximum an hour. I will send you the invoice by email at the start of the program. For a business program, running therapy for a group of employees, or financed from your training budget, an adjusted rate applies. An adjusted rate also applies if you want to make use of the complete coaching and running therapy program.
In some cases the health insurance covers part of the costs, please inform at your insurance company on the possibilities.

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